Four years ago, we opened a venue. At the same time, we were able to welcome a new neighbor and friend across the street who started his restaurant adventure. I remember doing paperwork at a table by my window and watching his opening week. I saw the lines out the door and thought "Thank God I'm never going to start a restaurant"...

Well, here we are. I didn't start a restaurant but that's kind of what it looks like. 

We started a wood fired bistro eatery and craft bar. We created something that includes unique and artisan styled food options. We created a unique way of cooking the food with our large, old world, wood fired brick oven. We created an environment that focuses on creativity. Most importantly, we created a place that focuses on our customer's experience as a whole. 

In order for us to achieve our goals of maximizing our guests' experience, we want to be able to give the proper attention to all our guests. That crazy opening week mad rush that Rensselaer gives new businesses is great but we want to do things right for you. We LOVE how our community friends want to try new things and get excited when those new things are created; that shows the great spirit of our community. 

That being said, we are opening tomorrow; Thursday, July 13th. Thursday and this weekend will be reservation preferred. If a time slot reservation sells out, walk in guests may have to wait for the next available time slot. Reservations will be hosted on our page HERE . Its fast, free, and easy to make a reservation and it allows us the opportunity to help make sure your first experience with us can be a great one.  Long waits and long ticket times aren't good or fun for anyone. We created this for the long haul, not quick dollars right now. Our philosophy is that bills will get paid through great guest experiences, not through a rotating fast food feeling :) 

Normal operating hours will be TUE - THU 11am to 10pm and FRI-SAT 11am to 11pm. We are a  21+ full bar bistro and craft bar.

Once again, make a reservation HERE for our dates starting tomorrow (THU) through SAT this week and then it is wide open beginning next Tuesday.

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support as we begin this new adventure!


ryan musch

The STATION at eMbers, 230 West Washington Street, Rensselaer, IN, 47978